Coaches and Managers


Benjamin Welsh became Brisbane Wolves’ new manager on the 6th of January, 2015.

Welsh’s excellent reputation and his impressive performance when in charge of New Holland Stars made him an obvious choice for the club manager position.

Welsh started his career as a soccer player in early 1990s. Over the course of his player career, he has made over 400 appearances, first as a defender for Southern Reds, then moving on to Premier League and a goalkeeper. He moved to Sydney in 1999, but later returned to Brisbane, for a six-figure fee.

After a knee injury put an end to his professional career Welsh acted as a coach for junior teams for a short while, before finally retiring. He was appointed an assistant manager to a local team that same year, before eventually taking over as manager in 2010.

Under Welsh’s guidance, the team retained their League 1 status and was able to get play-off spots in the two following seasons.

Since he accepted the position of the Brisbane Wolves’ manager in 2015, the club has been going from strength to strength, acquiring valuable players, as well as having the privilege of seeing some very promising talents rising from among our very own ranks.