Football Development Clinics

A Game Changing Experience.

Our clinics have been developed by the experts in football in collaboration with the highly-trained medical specialists. Brisbane Wolves’ clinics are designed to help everyone who is involved in the game to perform at their maximum level. Our experts will teach the coaches safer, more effective practices, while football officials will be provided with the insights on productive game management. The parents have an opportunity to attend the clinics on the latest developments in the areas of safety and performance.

Interactive instruction on-field, and the introduction of the techniques of contact system:

  • The essential principles of contact
  • Teaching progression
  • Maximizing your offence and defence techniques
  • Application of the system based on your team’s individual features and needs

Innovative approach to developing your skill set:

  • The basics of the contact system and their immediate application
  • Detailed video demonstrations
  • Player drills with the use of innovative techniques
  • Efficient self-coaching tool

Coaching Clinics

  • Lectures by championship-winning coaches
  • Coach-to-coach communication
  • Wide variety of topics to choose from
  • Access to exclusive digital resources

Clinic Calendar

Summer 2018:

  • 13-20 May – Coaching Clinic
  • 03-06 June – Contact System
  • 13-20 June – Advanced Development
  • 25-28 June – Strategic Planning
  • 03-06 July – Contact System
  • 13-20 July – Coaching Clinic
  • 25-28 July – Strategic Planning
  • 03-06 August – Contact System
  • 13-20 August – Coaching Clinic
  • 25-28 August – Strategic Planning