Goalkeeping Clinics

Brisbane Wolves Club is hosting Goalkeeper Clinic camps that last several days for both the current goalkeepers and the football players who are interested in becoming goalkeepers. The clinics deliver specialized coaching specifically designed to develop the skill set that is a must-have for every player aspiring to be a successful goalkeeper. The clinics are suitable for players of all ages and levels.

Junior Clinics

The Junior Clinics cover the essential the basic techniques that are necessary for the beginner goalkeepers. The clinics combine both goalkeeping and field play.

Advanced Clinics

The Advanced Clinics emphasize the advanced techniques and key points of a goalkeeper’s decision-making process. Modelling the in game situations enhances the player’s experience and allows for better understanding and faster learning.

At our Goalkeeping Clinics, we provide:

  • Top-class training delivered by expert professional coaches
  • A curriculum that focuses on all the key aspects of goalkeeping
  • An enjoyable and challenging environment for you to develop your skills in
  • Modelling of in-game situations for enhancing the player’s techniques
  • Focus on both technique and decision making
  • Convenient locations and high-quality grounds

Clinic Calendar

Summer 2018:

  • 05-08 May – Junior clinic
  • 01-03 June – Advanced clinic
  • 23-26 June – Junior clinic
  • 28-30 June – Advanced clinic
  • 01-03 July – Junior clinic
  • 05-08 July – Advanced clinic
  • 23-26 July – Junior clinic
  • 28-30 August – Advanced clinic
  • 01-03 August – Junior clinic
  • 23-26 August – Advanced clinic